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    Understanding the Global World Events


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    Understanding the Global World Events Empty Understanding the Global World Events

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:00 am

    Understanding the Global World Events

    Many of you may or may not understand all the news in the media, politic is just the result of the battle between “various secret groups” but I divide in to 2 group
    1. The Good Group (The one who want to stop all kind of war, chaos and healing this planet together)
    2. The Bad Group (The one who want war, chaos, control, power, etc.)

    I am not talking about their history because it is way too complicated and doesn’t matter. All the matter now is their action & decision.

    The reason you saw all the “shock politic” like Trump winning, nation leaders call “snap election” or even resigned “for some reason” is simply because the Good Group is winning the battle over the Bad Group.

    And the real reason the Good Group winning is they are getting support from Spirit Beings, Angels, etc. By various ways.

    And the reason Spirit Beings, Angels can influence this Earth planet is because Human are greatly violating many Spirit Rule & Law.

    You need to understand that your thought, your thinking is all come from Spirit World(Level). And all the unseen, angel beings can influence that thought like changing vote, do this instead of do that, giving sign and signal, etc.

    You cannot be influenced by default if you do not violating any basic spirit rule & law or/and you have great spirit energy aura.

    But all the Bad Group are greatly violating both physical & spirit rules.

    That why you seeing all kind of never seen before in politics, news, media, etc.

    In Conclusion, all the World Event today is just an “entertainment” made by Spirit Beings.


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