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    Deepest Analyze about Global Earth Problems and Solutions


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    Deepest Analyze about Global Earth Problems and Solutions Empty Deepest Analyze about Global Earth Problems and Solutions

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:03 pm

    To me, everything I am seeing in the mainstream media, alternative news and online is just like a stupid fun movie made by unseen Spirits, because I can understand “that language” without even listening to any “fake spiritual master” or info from “secret Government, ancient families”.

    All of the World [Secret or Public] Governments are being toyed by unseen Spirits without realize about that. No matter what they are trying to control, do this do that to take over the whole planet, etc. They are still NEVER able to compete their mission/desire without following and understanding Spirit rule & law.

    The Earth problem is people mind set, not the money, not the economy, not the power, not the controlling. You can verify that by asking back how “human” can able to live together when that doesn’t exist in the history?

    The Earth problem has reached to the point out of hand of all the secret & public Governments. From now, if all of you not listen to me then we are going to see the destruction on Earth.

    I am not asking you listen and follow my orders 100%, I am open for discussion & debate at the top level. You don’t have to fight the “dark enemy” to have all, the easiest way is “understand spirit langauge”, then without any “fighting action”, the “dark spirit” will be be balance naturely with the “light spirit” if you know how to.

    Despite of shared the book , there is a lot of other things need to do at physical in order to archive a perfect balance solution.

    The firstly actions all Governments must take is:

    1. Release first 3 sections: Opening, Content, Religion of the book I have provided: (Do not edit anything, not grammar, not spells or anything, keep is at the purify version)
    2. Then you can now said the “Spirit King Messiah or any other names” just give some advices:

    3. Instant dead for all corruption people who are working in Government (they must release that rule as soon as possible through democracy voting by the people). Of course the corruption proof will be analyzed publicly, not through any kind of “fake judge”.
    4. Close all animals factory farming, and replace with organic heirloom god seed plants [you can easily make the break news, blabla]

    That is the first step in many major steps. We must do it carefully, if change too quickly, everything will be dead.

    Frankly, I am not sure if any of this words can be listened to all the Secret & Public Government, so I will close it here.

    If any groups interested and want a open discussion go to the forum

    Spirit King

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