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    How to buy & process “Zimbabwe money note” to perfection


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    How to buy & process “Zimbabwe money note” to perfection

    Post by TheHost on Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:17 pm

    Zimbabwe money note was printed with a lot of meaning:
    1. All 27 money notes in ZWR series (from P65 to P91) telling you about Earth from the biggining throughout history to the present and into the future.
    2. It is also act like a “lottery ticket” for “pre-life contract” and more importantly for “rebuild, clean planet Earth” to the normal perfect state like it used to be.

    Despite the fact that I am not the person going to buy and process Zimbabwe money note directly, but in order to help the group is going to buy and process the Zimbabwe money note without violating both physical & spirit rule and harming Earth nature, here is the way I am going to buy and process:

    1. Using a subdomain website like (wordpress or livejournal) to announce buying Zimbabwe money note (ZWR series). [Ugly dressing for entertaining]

    2. There should and must be 2 parts: collecting the Zimbabwe money note & paying out money.

    3. No matter of people have Zimbabwe note know the GCR or not, all have to follow the same rule, which is:
    - Collecting & Processing period: 160 days – Because all the ZWR series was printed from August 1, 2008 to January 16, 2009 .

    - Only Zimbabwe money note in ZWR series obtained before a certain date is accepted (example: all from November 2017 and before that date) – You must set a date limit like that because you cannot disturb the normal life of currency dealer/collectors.

    - Zimbabwe money note accepted: All 27 Zimbabwe money in ZWR series no matter what the value in that note from $1 to 100 trillions – Because the value and money you spent to buy it close to similar, at spirit level it is a whole series going to tell and teach you about Earth history past present & future.

    - Rate, Price: 1 million GBP (United Kingdom Pound) per any Zimbabwe money note – Because we are having a TV show call “millionaires” and GBP is the highest current value and the word “United”.

    - Limit, Maximum: 9 millions GBP per person – Because of 2 reason: Most if not all human have not yet master and understand full meaning of money yet, and you cannot richer than many “angel-in-human” form celebrities who are greatly contribute to planet Earth like musicians, actor/actress, sport players, etc.

    If you think you are more worthy and have more value than 9 millions GBP, then show me how much you understand about planet Earth, nature by competing a “physical nature question test”. There is no need for spiritual question because physical nature question alone is just too much already, 99% going to fail. You have a chance to receive Trillions but also have a chance receive 0 from the Zimbabwe note.

    And all the test and mark will be begin and finish with that 160 days, after that 160 days is the payout period.

    - To make more fun & entertain you will able to receive extra money if you have a full 4 Zimbabwe money note ($1-$5-$10-$20-represent history biggining or 10T-20T-50T-100T-represent future). You only need 1 series if you are married-couple or brother-sister in the same family(same parents).
    And you only need to show that you have, you only need 1 any Zimbabwe note in order to exchange, the rest can use as “support note” and you can keep it for fun, entertainment & other purpose. All the note is Zimbabwe ZWR series:

    1. x2 times if your note have last 2 series represent your year of birth.
    2. x5 times if your note have last 4 series is single/double number, example 4444, 5555, 1717, 1771, 2020, 0220, etc.
    3. x10 times if your note have last 4 series is double your year of birth, example 7070, 8585, etc.
    4. x20 times if you go with your family (2 note represent year of married, 2 note represent year of birth of your child). So your family must go together (a parents and a pair of child, no matter age).

    All people who are exchange in this category will receive straight 10 million GBP as a base.

    You can only choose option 1 or 2 or 3, but option 4 is a plus and can apply for all.
    The reward of option number 4 is for all individual person in that family.

    So the maximum number is option 3 x 4 = 200 times equal 2000 millions GBP per person.

    * The calendar will depend on your religion you are following if have any, otherwise will be normal calendar, now it is 2017.

    Using subdomain of a bank like to verify and show the signal to all the internet online Zim currency holder but question/answer should use a open forum.

    After the private collecting online period (should need only 2 week to collect all online).

    Then big breaking news like a company base in Zimbabwe-Vietnam-Cambodia-China going to buy your Zimbabwe note with the rule like above. Now it is going much more fun and troll at the same time, who trust will be rewarded since at this point, you cannot “invest” or change anything.

    All the internet submit form will also be collected at HSBC or big company at the same time.
    So all the collecting time took only 40-50 days.

    And we have 100 days for test/checking/verify anything before release the money.

    Despite of most “humanity projects” on internet more like “destroy planet” Earth, all people who want more rate, more money must do a test to show their knowledge about planet Earth at the moment first.

    If you do not understand the whole Earth situation, then your action could only create more “Ice melting in the polar”. Without knowledge and wisdom, money only create chaos !!!

    As I said in on of my article, the “leader test” is very very tough, only less than 1% will pass. All allow to played, the reward is high but so is the punishment.

    Very few type of humanity project can help Global Earth at the moment (I am talking about collective whole Earth, not just type “help the local city-nation but destroy the rest” project).

    And the right people who going to handle-do this type of project must able to pass the test first.
    All people who joining any internet group is automatic dis-qualify since the real leader never need to join any group no matter what. (aka go big or don’t go).
    After 160 days, the fund will going to be release all to Zimbabwe currency holder who believe in this, all will be done within 280 days.

    While the people&their relatives who passed the test will receive the money instantly within that 160 days so they can start rebuild planet Earth, clean the toxin, build the pile.

    There is no NDA needed for all currency exchanger, it is your money, if you show off you get the result like many others reporter online, it is your choice your decision your results.

    To sumup for all people who are going to buy the Zimbabwe note: You must buy & process the Zimbabwe very carefully and must have collect, process & payout periods. Human have not yet understand & master money at the moment, if you follow above my suggestion you do not break any spiritual & global earth physical law.

    The humanity projects must start from organic heirloom good seeds first, to wearing/housing natural material like bamboo, hemp structure. Now even with knowledge and perfect projects, without money, the creator cannot do anything.

    Spirit King

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    Re: How to buy & process “Zimbabwe money note” to perfection

    Post by TheHost on Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:21 pm

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