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    King Solution 10: Global Currency Reset Event Timeline & Schedule


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    King Solution 10: Global Currency Reset Event Timeline & Schedule

    Post by TheHost on Sat Dec 16, 2017 3:36 pm

    King Solution 10: Global Currency Reset Event Timeline & Schedule

    Global Currency Reset (GCR) is a global event, but it does not require all Nations have to agree on the same table. It is each Nation job, do sooner then their citizens get much more benefit than other Nation’s citizens.

    Hello Fiat Currency kid, I am Land-Backed Money Currency boss, I can set whatever rate I want even 1 to 1 million in exchange your paper money backed by trust(in public eyes) and backed by gold(in secret affair), so come to the party before it is too crowd.

    In order to create that powerful Land-Backed Money Natural Note, it is requires a lot of steps and small events. It must repect Nature (including animals, tree plants & others), it must respect people of the land & others.

    Here is the Global Currency Reset (Creating new Land-Back Money Natural Note) event timeline & schedule (the date is up to each Nation):
    1. Clean & flush the toxin out of the land.

    2. Free people of the land (privacy, freedom, fair, more transparency).

    3. People of the land will going to co-creating new land-back money natural note.

    4. Rule of using it (including tax, government system, law to nature, etc.), it must be agreed by at least 90% people of the land.

    Spoiler: All Nations Currency Backed by land will have rate 1-to-1 exchange rate when trading between these “free” nations. The rate can only change & count (count weight 9000 m over and under the ground) when all Nations have completely move and use Land-Backed currency.

    Tax: Only people have income over (minimum way * 24 * 365) should pay tax. Stop no more spoiler, if spoil more there is no money war fun.

    That is the major events must be completed in order to create and able to use these new powerful Land Money Natural Note (LMNN or LMN). There may be some small policies or event like how to convert from old money to the LMN (transition period). But since the old system is going out , then we can set whatever rate we like but only for the overseas (buying goods from other Nation currency backed by “mr. believe”). We cannot let the in-Nation become a mess because of the event.

    Despite the fact that I already provided many tips but it seem it hard for all Nations to using it against the “bad guys”. So I will bringing & using the greatest Weapon of the whole Universe, the weapon will going to make you cry & laugh, the weapon to unmask everything, the weapon only the Spirit King or maybe some “Gods” dare & know how to use it to perfect way.

    But in advanced, I will release the solution for first 2 out of 4 events, I only release number 3 & 4 when the time is right (when at least people of any Nation land ready for phrase 3 &4).

    See you soon, as I already promised on 17/12/2017 (within 48 hours from now).

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    Re: King Solution 10: Global Currency Reset Event Timeline & Schedule

    Post by Rudy on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:23 am

    We are all ears...SPEAK...please?

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