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    King Solution 15: Special Final Warning & Offer to all Nation Government & Bloodline Families – Immortal Life Formula & Nation Control Gambling


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    King Solution 15: Special Final Warning & Offer to all Nation Government & Bloodline Families – Immortal Life Formula & Nation Control Gambling

    Post by TheHost on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:28 pm

    King Solution 15: Special Final Warning & Offer to all Nation Government & Bloodline Families – Immortal Life Formula & Nation Control Gambling

    More technology, more earthquake & storm.
    More artifical chemical, more sickness & diseases.

    Everything on Earth is going down, when you have common sense to realize that all what are doing are wrong?

    Now there ara around 80 earthquakes a day all over places already, you want it go to 8000 earthquakes? Or you want everything frozen like Greenland or Antarctica?

    Here is the final warning & offer to the Bloodline Families or the group who are controlling big companies around the world:
    - Offer: Immortal Life Formula, Secret, How human body world & function so you can live forever if you choose to.
    - Conditions: Surrender everything including current banking system, no chaos here and there for 3 years.
    - Dateline: 31/12/2017 (about 4 days from now).

    You can give the green light by closing Monsanto company and tell to the public it as a false experiment by the end of 1.1.2018 (Hong Kong time).

    I or some other will release the formula of Immortal life, how human body function & everything so everyone can live forever on Earth by the end of 2020.
    If I do not release or release the fake/not working Immortal Life formula by the end of 2020, you will have full control of China/Vietnam, Asia, Russia, US, South America, Africa.

    You can contact all above Nation Government & the group behind to confirm my words. This is not a prank, this is very very generous offer from me for I do not want see chaos any more.

    Take it or leave it, it is up to you, I already released many working strategy & unmask everything wrong in this society. The worst case is seize all of your company assets by telling the truth about everything including your “vaccince, medicine, etc.”, it going to by pass all International Law because it going to be vote and decided by the public.

    Do not think you can cause economy collapse that easily, you not holding military or major Nation. As I already said, if you choose to fight in the end, you only going to die because of if some Nations choose to change their policy toward more transparency & especially new Land-backed Money notes, do you think the nearby other Nation’s citizens just sit their & be slaved to death?

    That is just a very possible scenario will happen in very near future (in January 2018) if you chose to fight. You know nothing about this Earth World & Physical World. Have you even understand & know all kind of rituals?

    Ritual is not like buy/sell/trade where you can just insert a “item” then expect receive “other thing”, it has a lot of rules & working conditions. 2 most common rituals on Earth I saw most people doing are “Sharing Ritual” & “Sacrifire Ritual”. But most if not all of you know nothing and doing all things WRONG. If you was performed correct way, where is the “magic” like some of your “books” talking about?

    This topic about Spirit World, Ritual, Prophercy & beyond I have decided to share only when Earth is ready to receive for it doesn’t have much effect and get much audience now.
    But do you live to that day is another question, if you do not surrender by 1.1.2018 (Hong Kong time, 5-6 days from now), all of you have & must going to die first before I released sacred information on Earth. Be smart be wise, this is your last chance to surrender!!!

    Here are some words for all Nation Government
    Please read & analyze all of my sharing knowledge & wisdom in King Solution series. All of you must ready to use military seize all the “bad guys” company assets, reason is that they are selling fake products & want to killing others.

    I have no idea what Nation is free what is not but I assume 3 big Nations: United State, Russia & China & nearby Nations are ready to fight. This is the easiest fight ever happen in history, just need to prepare foods storage for all citizens only for the fight will last to maximum 1 year before all Earth unify. It could be big lesson about Money for everybody if that happen.

    Frankly, I still do not understand why the Russia do not using hemp plants (over 2 millions arcres wild). If they know how to “do agriculture in harsh weather” & using hemp to building house, make cloth, shoes, bags others, their citizens would be the richest on Earth.

    We are all living in critical moment, do not show any mercy, the more delay the more Earth will release Earthquakes, Storms, Floods. We cannot waiting few “bad people” groups & let all Earth frozen like in Greenland & Antarctica.

    Free Nations must start first by announce new “transition temporary currency” & let others follow. Remember if nothing happen by 16/01/2018, all of you will be fine & best of luck to all & your future, I will just sit & watch for there is no deadline for me or everybody, it is about the event!

    I hope this special message can deliver to all Nation Governments & the bloodline families, groups who behind big companies. I know some agencies are watching me, I hope you can help me send it to all.

    Good Luck & Have Fun !

    The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing - The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution

    The Mysterious Nature
    I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose
    & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as
    “The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.
    I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

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    Re: King Solution 15: Special Final Warning & Offer to all Nation Government & Bloodline Families – Immortal Life Formula & Nation Control Gambling

    Post by Rudy on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:56 pm

    This is appears to be going nowhere. It will be another boring, tax-slave-driven year of 2018. Why does anyone talk big, yet not act? Why is that? The fake guru sites have all been providing false hopes and dates for years. Is that going to be proven true here too?

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