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    Global New Moral System Empty Global New Moral System

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:18 am

    Copy from this book

    06. The New Moral System

    People: you have a great a idea about Moral System, but it still sound crazy and hard to understand.

    Spirit King: it is much more easier than money system and it will solve all the Earth problem automatically.

    People: sound like another big talk

    Spirit King: you’re welcome. What is there is a system to give you 0% interest money loan, will have you get jobs easier, travel easier, and do a lot of thing less complicated. Then that must be the Moral System.

    People: oh, so that New Moral System will has that kind of feature? Can you give more info please?

    Spirit King: There will be a global Moral System company own by all nation government and the public.
    Just like your bank account: You will have to register it first, is also have moral point like your bank account but all people in all nation will start with a same moral point.

    - The point can only increase when you do not violate any local or global law & order, I am not talking about spirit law, I am just talking about physical man made law.

    - The point will decrease when you violating any law and will receive a “ticket” in your moral account.

    It should has global moral point and each nation moral point.

    A nation can set a moral point requirements in order to able to travel in that country
    A bank can check the moral point to give loan with 0% interest
    A company can use it to recruit people but when the time come, all companies will have to share the average employee moral point for the customer.

    There is a lot of thing can do with that system even receive global money note or use it to buy/sell/trade.

    As I said previously, it will solve automatic every problem on Earth at the moment. I am talking about physical level not spirit level.

    Do you think that people will hack online, spam email, violate this and that if there is a system like this exist and can affect directly to them.

    People: WOW sound crazy good idea, but can anyone influence it?

    Spirit King: No, first it will be owned both by the public and all nation government, it must be 100% open source as well. Frankly who dare to hack cheat the system while they can receive heavy punishment by all Earth citizens? If all nations unify, there will be no such thing as “using proxy”.

    The question now to me is when all nations have gut to give this idea to the public.

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