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    Official GCR guide, timeline and who is allowed to exchange


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    Official GCR guide, timeline and who is allowed to exchange Empty Official GCR guide, timeline and who is allowed to exchange

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:19 am

    Many of you wonder who the hex I am, and is this the real official GCR guide not come from any other your “famous well-known source”. Have you ever wonder why still no 800 number or all fake info everywhere? Or What is the condition for GCR to happen? Or who will give the final official GCR info?

    The only think I can say is that I am the official GCR gate keeper on Earth and was accepted at the highest level in spirit world, because I am the only one on Earth can process the GCR without any mistake.

    You can trust me, it is all up to you now but I am only telling you the truth of what is going happen next, you may missed or won’t be allow to exchange or exchange at low rate.

    Many of your “sources” talk shit about GCR but nobody talk about the condition for GCR to happen, for the GCR to happen it must take a special event. The special event I am talking about is the return of “spirit rule & law”. In this special official intel, I am not talking about the dinar, dong, rial or any other currency, I am only talking about the specific Zimbabwe bond note.

    1. Zimbabwe bond note was issued, printed and accepted by both angel + evil spirit or the correct words is it was an agreenment at highest level in Earth world. You may say I am talking shit, but the truth is all the group you call the cabal or light warrior or whatever name is all being controled and influenced by both angel + evil spirit at collective level, for human are violating too many “God of all life law” or “spirit rule & law”.
    Do the cabal or most world leader like Germany, Russia, China know about the Zimbabwe note before it was printed? The answer is yes.

    2. The reason:
    - All of them have tested and tried to do a lot of think to gain magic, power but failed to do so, so they gave up and let the spirit or angel guided and show them the right way. I am not talking about the political power, I am talking about the power like fly, teleport or the things you saw in movie. That group have tried many methods both in East and West but all failed.

    Do I know the reason of their failure? Yes, because certain magic and ability only can learned and gained after you reach and have moral, that is the law of “spirit rule & law” or you may call “law of God of all life”. Even a simple ability like talk and work with mythical being like the dragon is required certain level of moral.

    3. Zimbabwe value in spirit level is infinite, to know more about that, please read

    That enough talk about Zimbabwe bond note, now let’s talk about the “intel” you guys want to hear.

    1. What currencies is allowed to exchange?
    It is up to each nation government, not by any physical or spirit groups.

    2. Will Zimbabwe bond note is allowed to exchange?
    Yes, it was accepted and agreement in both physical and spirit level before it was even printed.

    3. Do anybody is allowed to exchange Zimbabwe bond note?
    No. Only certain people is allowed to exchange

    4. Who is not allowed to exchange Zimbabwe bond note?
    The bad people, the people who are preventing the return of “spirit rule & order”. More specific here is many GCR intel website like: inteldinarchronicles, eraoflight, galacticconnection, more information at:

    Any people who behind the “black list fake spiritual websites” is not allowed to exchange no matter what happen next, that is my official order and command.

    All the un-aware people who join/follow that group may be allowed to exchange but with at least 6 to 9 zeros loop.

    5. What is the rate for each Zimbabwe bond note?
    It is up to each individual, it depends on your knowledge and wisdom both in material and spirit world level. It is case by base, there is no such thing as “humanity rate” as many your intel provided.

    6. What is the metric and how can the “bank” and me know the value of each exchanger?
    Layer 1: Online questionaires in both physical material and spirit level, via email.
    All Zimbabwe bond note holders will be given the same date and time global to compete a range of questions to detemind their value.

    Layer 2: All people who get high score will be check profile carefully both in physical and spirit level.

    The more high score you receive the more rate you will get.

    Remember: the questions is very difficult, even Google cannot help you !!!

    I am going bring back ancient traditions, all is allow to play and have a chance to receive high rate.

    1 correct answer = 1 zero +
    1 wrong answer = 1 zero -

    Everybody happy, if you have gut and think you know much about this World, then join this “heaven testing”.

    7. Example question “By eating animal meat, what spirit rule & law human are violating?”
    People will have a lot of different answer like:
    1. say: “animal right”
    2. say: “environment”
    3. say: “law of living” => this guy has the correct answer.

    That is the easiest question. I cannot reveal much more questions will be given here, for I will violating the “favour” rule. Final conclusion is, questions are and will exemtrely difficult, even all your team of professor expert cannot answer it and will luckly if the total score over 40% correct answer...

    8. Do I have to join that test?
    No, it is up to each individual.
    1. But if you do not join that test you will get the rate at least 3 to 9 zero loops.
    2. The starting point of all who join the test is no zero loop.
    But each wrong answer will receive 1 -zero as the punishment, but each correct will give you +zero.

    Blank answer is not allowed and will mark as wrong answer.

    9. What the freaking fuk are you talking about, are you crazy?
    Well, it is up to all of you, if you trust your “intel” than the official intel at
    then best of luck, nothing else I can say about it.

    Date & Time:
    There are 2 timeline: Zimbabwe 800 number and public timeline.
    - Zimbabwe 800 number: I can only give you these date: October 28th, November 11th & 27th, December 10th , 2017 (Gregoria normal Earth calendar).
    It is +-24 hours depends on your location.

    - Public timeline: it could happen anytime, even before 800 number Zimbabwer bond note, nobody here care much about that date because all we are caring is Zimbabwe 800 number right?

    How it going to processed?
    1. 800 number out.
    Do not prank and call if you or your relative hold any Zimbabwe bond note or you(and your master) wil get arrested by your local police and get heavy punishment.

    2. You will be asked 1 question:
    Do you want to join and take the “knowledge & wisdom test about both physical & spirit world”?
    2.1. No – You will receive your unique “special code”, and you will give them all first letter of your fullname + last 4 digit number + and 1 of your zimbabwe value note.

    If your fullname is: Leo Messi Jordan
    You hold a 10T have last 4 series number as 2345

    Then you will only tell them:
    LMJ 10T 2345

    You now have both the key and password. You will use it for further offline exchange, it should be in some big bank like HSBC in your location. So everything is recorded, nobody can create that password except you and only you can unlock it with your ID and your Zimbabwe note?

    2.2. Yes
    Same as above, you will also receive a key and the password of your own.
    The diffirent is you will given a special online website address location. (it could be at  hahhaha)

    That website address will give you more instruction like the time, date, location of that
    “heaven stupid blessing test exam”.

    For help all people from around the global: There will be 2 test time on the same day but with diffirent set questions to match your suitable timezone.

    You will submit your answer online with your unique key only. (Do not submit your password for you need to keep it). You can submit it via email or via binpaste website or both, for better and more transparency and further score complaint, you should submit it both.

    You will receive the score publicly or at your offline exchange location, it is up to your desire.

    But all the answer of all the test will be published publicly online, you will get instantly Face-value Zimbabwe note if you can even spot 1 single wrong answer judgement, all your test answer doesn’t matter.

    That how confident the Spirit King I am. All will be judge by the public and spirit world, everything is transparency. I am not a diactor but if I always correct you must have to accept that as the fact, do not envy, for envy & revenge do not help you for your futhur development.

    Overall from 800 number to final test exam result, it will be only took around 7-9 days.

    All people who do not take the test will receive the rate as the “average rate” of all participants result.

    Many spirits, angels & archangels, evils are watching me and waiting for the liveshow is official begin.

    That’s all my jobs for now.

    The job of offline exchange is the bank not me, ok? Remember, nobody have gut to even touch your bank account without your permission, let alone trying to do stupid thing.

    So now is that fair? Is that exciting? Is that entertaining? Is that stupid? Is that crazy?

    You can trust your intel or this intel, it up to you, but just ask yourself, which one is make more sense and match both history, events and nature physical spirit level?

    Feel free to ask any question about GCR at at comment section of this article.

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