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    Spirit Rule & Law


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    Spirit Rule & Law Empty Spirit Rule & Law

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:30 am

    I copy from this book:

    07. Spirit Rule & Law

    There is always spirit rule & law apply in the all universe, but there are not many people truly understand and know about it.

    And quite frankly, I will only talk briefly because I am not sure when even this book will allowed go to hand of all Earth citizens or other people will take advantage of this. This is for normal people, while the King will have much more complicated rules.

    Some basic spirit rule & laws:
    1. Law of live: All people and animals, plants have this rights. When you eating animals or even root plants, you are greatly violating this law.

    2. Law of take advantage of others: some groups of beings on Earth are taking advantage of many people, many may not violate physical man made law but are greatly violate this law. Example: people need money, in difficult situation, etc.

    3. Law of privacy: example: spaming email, marketing, get signature energy through subcribers/follwers, it pretty much like collect infomation without other people’s awareness, harass people etc.

    4. Laundering spirit enegry: it is like laundering money but in spirit level there is no fraud, black or light, dark energy. Anything do with other people spirit energy without their permission is violating this great law, examples: suck, collect, affect the flow, etc.

    Frankly at this point I don’t think much of you understand, so I just end here because if I talk too much, nobody will understand and just waste of time.

    That is the first part in this book, I will never reveal anymore thing at both physical and spirit level unless all above recommendation are being done or at least get some global attention first.

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    Spirit Rule & Law Empty Re: Spirit Rule & Law

    Post by CAllmeagainAL on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:28 am

    I just start to get the picture, hence a) english is not my motherlanguage, so kindly excuse some of my style in writing and b) I am not a full spiritual being yet.

    Hence some of my Questions may read stupid in the first place which is due to my little knowledge, but nevertheless some guidance here and there would be highly appreciated.

    - I have good things on my mind what to achieve with the blessing, changing a part of the world for the better I hope, my close areal environment there is nobody within 100km - not even my family - I could talk about this, but I have some friends further away which are on a spiritual level much wiser then me.

    - my concern with this whole set of laws is, even when striving for good it could be the case, without attention to violate a law by accident, will there be a kind of warning every now and then or is this more a leave it? Because in my first thought I was very focussed on humans only, now reading your post about moral laws, I think I have to revisit my thinking big time.

    - what if, lets say, I am just not ready for the test, but want to make it and miserably fail? The projects I have had in mind would be screwed immidiately before the even started?

    Many more questions I have for later step, but these are the most important ones and I would appriate a forward answer to those.

    God bless vou all

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    Spirit Rule & Law Empty Re: Spirit Rule & Law

    Post by TheHost on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:36 pm

    The spirit rule & laws is work in all universe.
    Despite of the complicated, you can just starting from the most important law which is "Law of living" by do not eating animal daily.
    Sorry, I cannot reveal much more about the spirit rule & law at the moment since someone can take advantage of it, I will in the future when people understand and know the "characteristic of Spirit King" and when there is a public discussion about the Moral system.

    When "lovely evil" spirit picking, they always chose people violating the most first. By going vegan diet, you already in much much better condition than most people on Earth now. And just by doing that, you already will receive some good and helping some spirit beings already.

    When anybody master and know all the spirit rule & law, they will become immortal without even know about physical(unless they chose to die).

    I do not answer personal question but since you are the first person I will answer here:
    - Test what, if you are talking about the test I said in GCR, it only apply for people want extra zero, but 99% will fail.
    There is many others way to receive extra zero (1-2 zero), I think with 100 - 1000 millions, that is more than enough.

    - It could be the signal for you to waiting for the blessing (GCR) to come and decide what going happen next in your lifetime.

    This is the first and also the last personal question here.


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    Spirit Rule & Law Empty Re: Spirit Rule & Law

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