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    King Solution 03: How to remove all corruptions in any Nations within 30 days


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    King Solution 03: How to remove all corruptions in any Nations within 30 days Empty King Solution 03: How to remove all corruptions in any Nations within 30 days

    Post by TheHost on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:05 am

    King Solution 03: How to remove all corruptions in any Nations within 30 days

    The problems in all nation Governments is not the system, it is the people who are in charge of that nation. No matter 1-party-system or more-than-1-party-system in any nation, what citizens of any nation need is the real authentic leader, the King-style who truly care about all citizens‘s life.

    A Nation can only be strong when all people no matter of their background on the same page & work, live like a team. But no any single nation on Earth at the moment have able to archive that.

    Everybody on any nation know politician, people in Government equal corruption. The people who are working in Government get paid by citizens’s tax contribution, so the boss must be the Citizen, not the people who are working in the Government. But many citizens are scare of the Government’s people from the top central to even local politician, which is like the Boss are fear of the workers, which is absolutely non-sense. So why don’t just stop playing that kind of silly stupid game already?

    Now let me fix and tell you how “clean” the Government & connect with citizens back within 30 days.

    1. After become a King or a leader of any nation, the first thing I would do is connect again with all citizens of that nation. Now the trust between citizens and the Government of any nations is close to none, everybody know that.

    2. So it is very hard to change and have new money moral system, or any kind of significant policies about Climate Change, Global Peace Union, etc. without causing chaos.

    3. I will issue straight an order or hold a referrendum about anti-corruption policy (because even hold a referrendum, the result would be too obvious, should only apply if the current system of that nation do not allow the leader issue new policy like that).

    4. There are 2 major type of politician: one with moral and one without moral. Many are still fighting, resist because of what they did in history & scare of one day they will be excecuted.

    What the nation need is people with moral because by working in any Government, you already receive a lot of “free expense like travel, foods, etc. already”, why still trying to “grab more” & affect the whole nation?

    5. Issue a agreement & contract “anti-coccuption” to all people who in charge of the Government both central, local and all company the Government own or have major shares. The people in charge of major decision related to money, policy, worker resources.

    All the previous action will be forgive, you can resign if you want, but from now every corruption or action against the nation got caught by any people will receive these fine:

    1st time: 20% of their family assets, 2nd time: 50% assets, 3rd time 100% of their family assets.

    Taking a bride or corruption is not an easy task, it not like you press the wrong keyboard button or go to work late, so stop all kind of “mistake”. No matter of what kind money/asset laundering, with the help of all citizens it is very easy to find out.

    6. Setup a Bounty Anti Corruption Hunter Fund, any citizens who give “intel information” lead to corruption caught will receive reward depends on that case. Example if a corrupt people got fined 2 million then the people who report will receive 50% which is 1 million, while 1 million go into that anti corrupt funds. It is just an example, all depend on each nation but it just the core solution.

    7. Now everybody “have a job” and the unemployment rate is 0, do you see it is funny? So instead of rely on “certain people/group”, now the biggest issues of any nation is handle by millions citizens army who are eager to destroy all “against nation interest” corrupt people.

    8. That is the new era of any nation right there, when all citizens no matter background on the same page, the “right people” will appear and in charge of that nation in the most transparency way, the pile has built.

    9. From that point, all the major issues of that nation will be resolve quickly, all the “cheating actions, the secret” from the past will be removed in all area, many new policy, idea will be “appeared & released”.

    That is the major gift from me to all nations already, use it or not it is up to you. I want diversity, I don’t want robot so I do not talk about Government structure or help any particular nation.

    The gold location is released, do whatever you want as long as follow Nature Earth rule & law.


    The Mysterious Nature


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