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    King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold


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    King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold Empty King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold

    Post by TheHost on Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:25 pm

    King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold

    Money Money Money, the greatest sword on Earth at the moment. Many “experts” still guessing this and that, how funny ?! If I am in charged of everything on Earth, here is the Earth mega events should be unfold & released:

    1. Donald Trump going to announce a “package shocking news” (could be any moment from now):
    - Recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine as well as Israel. The should be reason is honor the land so he could kick off the Global Currency Reset naturally.
    - United States will release new currency replace for the current one. The new one will backed by all United States land, and all the pictures on new currency notes will be 100% natural beauty places. Because man-made building can replicated but natural places cannot.
    - Ask all others nations follow so there won’t be any money cheating rate here and there. All nations will agree on printing money once & for all so there won’t be inflation.

    2. The problem on Earth is that many public beings still think inflation is the cause of nation “printing more money”. The fact inflation or lack of money is because human have not yet understanding the meaning and how to use money in correct way.
    Example: Bitcoin, you can call bitcoin inflation is too high, but not when said price of foods is too high, human still call Bitcoin price high is “investing”.

    3. I have no idea which nation Government is free from the “bad guys”, but after Trump announcement 2 weeks, any free Government should release the new currency note replace the current one. First, they just need to remove the ‘0’ first, do not change the rate, so the rate of new currency note will range from 1.0 to 9.9.
    That is why I asked all nations to have “anti-corruption” program first in advanced.

    4. At first, add new money code for new note into the current system, there is no need for setup new computer Quantum blabla like others nation promoting.

    5. Add new money transfer methods to replace the SWIFT one. Allow only bank backed by Central Bank of each nation to use this Direct transfer method. The new method allow money transfer from a bank to a bank directly (between 2 nations) within 24 hour.
    So all the “small, offshore” banks will be slowly removed. Each nation/state should only have 2 to 4 banks, focus on quality not quantity.

    6. Now all nation leaders & citizens will discuss on this subject for quite some time. The best and the most fair system I already provided which is calculate the weight 9000m above and below the ground (see level as a mock).

    7. Many other factor will be include like environments, forest, tree, plants. So it is up to each nation Government to tell/provide authentic information to all citizens.

    8. Because debt now between each nation will be settled via land. So the more “better connect with nature” nation will have more land while the “stupid out-of-touch” nation will lost their land.
    From the view point of any citizens, they do not care who in charged of the Government, they just want fair system.

    9. Now the Earth game between each nations go to next level via new money rule calculated. The real economy games where you can official grab other nation land without violating any laws.

    10. At this point, all the GMO, pesticides, etc. Will be removed naturally, if not that nation going to doomed and will be erased. Because Foods and Plants/Trees are the most important, first you must have enough and plenty of Good High Quality Fruits/Vegetables first before talk anything about “baby technology” or others, you can stop all car/machine industry forever but cannot stop all foods industry for 1 day.

    11. There should be lawless money business between each nation, so each nation can have a right to stop/limit import any goods from others nations, so they can self encourage their citizens to get back to nature & agriculture & others.

    12. It is up to each nation & government at this point, but all the climate change/harsh weather is because that land is full of “toxin”. At perfect normal Earth, all area on Earth have the same tropical temperature (cold weather only have in high mountain).

    13. The reason while there is a hole in North polar or many advanced technology in Antarctica is because the “nature Earth” have frozen from the top, the one who cause the imbalance first. It just like the building was built too fast while is pile is not strong enough, then the top floor will fall first down to the bottom.

    14. The Earth history happened like that, all the “aliens & beings” who “forgot” nature host Earth and care only about technology in Antarctica “got that result”. I do not care about what alien, beings race in Antarctica there, but that area and the hole in the North Pole can only be restored when the rest agree by their action via Earth nature language.

    15. Money is the biggest sword on Earth at the moment. Above is the best way to use Money to restore planet Earth. There is many other methods like big money competition about healing cancers though nature herbs, celebrity endorsement, etc.

    16. After legal having “money war”, settle by land of other nation. There should be a voting for a Global Peace Union where each nation in that union will protect each other via people voting. So that all the NATO or any military will be reduced. If all nations vote in then, there is only 1 military group against aliens from other planet.

    I really hope and expect the Earth Mega Event going to unfold like that. I do not want to show up on the public, I do not want to compete in Olympic & Sports because I can run 100m under 9 seconds, it is not fun when you compete with “kids”.

    If I have to show up, then all the beings who are preventing in Earth Mega Event will have NEVER allowed to touch down Earth again, no matter what is your purpose & intent. You have to wait, Earth is your best chance to restore your planet, do you see how beauty Earth human compare to most aliens face!

    The problem is Earth human have not yet remembered and discovered their ability & use common sense logic. Let’s see what is going on Earth next 30 days.

    The Mysterious Nature
    I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose
    & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as
    “The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website
    address location.
    I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

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    King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold Empty Re: King Solution 05: How the Global Currency Reset & Earth Mega Event should be released & unfold

    Post by Rudy on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:51 am

    If you are expecting so-called 'leaders' to do the right things, you and I will be waiting forever. We can't wait another 30 days, so why don't you start things in motion? The "kids" are too corrupt to lay our trust in. The can keeps getting kicked down the road; even you are stalling? If I had any power, any say, I would immediately act and set things straight - but I don't. I remain baffled by the inaction of those that say they "could, but will wait just a little longer to give them a chance to do the right thing"...

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