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    King Solution 08: Human, Foods, Sex, Money, Energy, Economy, Business


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    King Solution 08: Human, Foods, Sex, Money, Energy, Economy, Business Empty King Solution 08: Human, Foods, Sex, Money, Energy, Economy, Business

    Post by TheHost on Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:02 am

    King Solution 08: Human, Foods, Sex, Money, Energy, Economy, Business

    What is the difference between adult & baby Earth human?
    The many called adult (over 18 years old) human is just another stupid version of baby (under 6 years old).

    Because most adult human have not yet fully understand foods, sex, money, energy and others.
    Take “Sex” as an example, most human still do not understand why they always craving for sex especially the young group (20-40 years old), but when they got older their desire slowly disappear.

    Many said it is because of their natural instinct and must have especially from men. That is absolutely wrong answer or at least do not have the second part to make it become a perfect correct answer.

    The correct answer of “why many men craving for sex” is because they have too much energy from over foods comsumption especially from meat, root vegetable.

    Want to test and verify my answer?
    Just do not eat anything for 2-3 days or only some fresh fruits & vegetables, then see porn/sex image online then see if you craving sex or not.
    My personal test result is No.

    Do the same test but eat meat/root vegetables or your normal daily diet, and see the result “want to release energy/fuck”.

    You can ask any healthy man on Earth do the above test but always 100% get the same result.

    Because the answer I gave above is the absolutely correct one, and it is just one out of many major “how human body work & function reveal” series I will provide in the future, from that then human can live forever without any kind of drugs/technology. But I want maximum effect that why global money war should & must be occur so all the store fat-energy of lazy human can be release back to Earth, and more new type of nature jobs will be created.

    I have seen many doctors/professors/scientist say this say that about human health and other stuffs but most if not all are wrong, because the real correct solution/answer must be the one work on any case no matter of their ages/background.

    Another wrong one in Health industry is a so called “Vaccine”
    Vaccine is the biggest scam in human history, I still do not understand why no any Nation Government on Earth ban vaccine yet. Are they that stupid or all the people in charge receive bride/money from the drug company?

    The Vaccine companies paid “doctors/scientist” to say this vaccine “can prevent” the disease called flu, mosquito bite or whatever type of sickness.
    If that “Flu Vaccine” is real then ask all of that Vaccine company, do you willing to gambling all your company assets that after take “flu vaccine”, the people will never have flu again? Of course they cannot, because it is a scam and wrong solution.

    Flu is a state of human detoxing the virus/bateria out of their body, there is no drug or vaccine can prevent that normal function. You can only got flu & flu fly out if your body have virus/bateria.
    Want to test? Stay in a local park versus go to dirty place.

    If you want to get rich quick by scamming others, just use “plain water”, then pay “doctors/scientists” to say that is a “immortal vaccine”. Do you see how stupid is that?
    All the Vaccine industry no matter what kind is that is a pure scam. All the Nation Governments must close and chalenge all the drug companies: “are you guarantee people take the vaccine shot/that drug” will never have the “disease/symptom” again like you are promoting?

    Do you see how stupid adult-baby human yet? Let me move to the next subject which is money & business.

    What is Economy?

    Economy is the flow of money between human through persons, companies, governments.
    But that flow is not balance for many reasons that why we have a “inflation”.

    Inflation was caused because of many factors but the most common one is because some groups trying to cheating/deceiving normal though various methods like “promotion”, “buy low sell high (high margin)”, technology, selling fake-low quality products & many other things.

    Business nowadays is more like “want to cheat to get rich over others”, it was used to be “co-operation”, but now it like owner & the slaves. Many want to do “start-up” to become rich, not because they want to have a fair group working together for more productive outcome.

    Many call the CEOs, Owners are the smart people but I called them as “little stupid adult-baby”, because all they do it trying to get more profit without moral/any methods, I do not see any big company in this whole Earth have fair & square policy toward both their employees or the customers yet.

    Out of all type of business on Earth at the moment, the most fair one is the blue-collar jobs like the farmers, massages, sex workers, sport players, actors/actress (even though many are being take advantage of to the “wrong thing” without their awareness).

    So what is the solution?
    There is a lot of solutions like:
    - Creating another new type of company where that company pay around 80-90% tax (volunteer) – of course that Nation Government must also give them more advantage like some harmless metal like “fair & square, for all blabla”, do not show the name of CEO/Owner in the public unless they violating any criminal action, more flexible about tax submiting, etc.

    - More tranparency about price/products/services like the company must tell if they are the “creator” or the “reseller”, must show the cost of production/material of products so the customer can know and pick (if the products good and the price is worth, they will buy, if not they do not buy, simple as that).

    - Education people more about the sacred of Foods/Nature over technology/machine, many people if not all Earth human still think technology/machine is magic and worth more than Foods & Lands. But the fact is not, technology & machine is just for fun only and should only be used to verify/checking like pH water, vibration level, etc.

    With just few policy like above, do you think big Company can survive? No because the Earth human is not that stupid to support the cheating, they will support more small & local companies, the one work hard with better products & quality !!!

    Money is sacred, it used to be only Gold-backed but now it is going to become all-land-backed.
    All the crypto-currency are the real fiat currency because you can create new block-chain and called it as a currency, everybody can create it even ‘aliens’. I still do not understand why some groups still promoting that type of technology and cheating over others. Maybe that group still listen & trust ‘aliens’ & technology over using common-sense logic.

    Many Nations are chasing for economy growth/GDP or whatever, but I ask all of you: can you feel & touch all the illusion number: economy growth, GDP, job rates, etc?
    Do it help you have a better life, better environment, better air where you inhale/exhale everyday? Do it help you healing all kind of sickness and know the secret of immortal life?
    Do it help you know and allow you to eat more fruits/vegetables you never eat in your life? There is a lot of amazing fruits like chempendak (the combination of jack fruit & durian) taste better than peanut butter, where human have not yet found out and discover.
    Do your nations/cities have all amazing fruits to eat all year around like organic rambutan, dragon fruit, coconut, dates, papaya, peaches, blue berry, cherry?

    So why you still chasing that illusion number instead of get closer to nature Earth & environment which affect direct to your health & life?
    Because you are just a baby ! Listen to me or not it is up to you !

    The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing - The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution

    The Mysterious Nature
    I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose
    & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as
    “The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.
    I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

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