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    King Solution 09: Human, Sport, Doping, Drug, Technology, Nature Earth


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    King Solution 09: Human, Sport, Doping, Drug, Technology, Nature Earth Empty King Solution 09: Human, Sport, Doping, Drug, Technology, Nature Earth

    Post by TheHost on Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:01 pm

    King Solution 09: Human, Sport, Doping, Drug, Technology, Nature Earth

    The biggest mistake in human history is thinking “Aging Process” is a natural way.
    In fact, that is not normal at all. If human die because for old age, then all human must die at the same age or at least in the same age group. Some people live to over 100 years old, some to 70-80, some to only 40-50, I am talking about pass away in normal way (not cause because of “other factors like accident, got killed or something like that).

    So what is the reason? Because human have not yet fully understand how human body fully function in correct way.

    If you want more example, then look at the height of sport players then compare to the rest (all races from white to black to brown). Many sports players have more height and look much more beautiful than normal people who do not playing sports often. I am not talking about the nature “born face”, I am talking about the whole body from leg to hand to skin.

    Competitve Sports is great but it still limited and have not yet reach the full potential yet. That is while you only see few star player in each generation, many have to retired because of injuries, “aging”.

    Imagine how fun and how high level of play in a football match between all fully healthy star players like Zidane, Henry, Viera, Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Eto, Beckham, Keane, Giggs, Bale, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Ibrahimovic, Buffon, Totti etc.

    But instead we all now watching boring football where even the match started, we already know how the match will played out, what formation, strategy, or even the winner loser.

    The main reason beside diet is all sport players are all taking some kind of doping.

    What is doping?

    At the moment on Earth, doping is a list of drug name “made by some people” say that is the doping. How funny is that?

    The real meaning of doping is all man made drug made in laboratory. Because all of them are either compress toxin into deeper layer of organs or trick the human body system to do this or do that in short period amount of time. You can call even the viraga as a doping as well. But all of them have the same mechanism which is slowly down other functions in order to maximize perform the “outcome” they want.

    But even with the help of “doping drug”, the effect happen in very small period of time. If doping drug is the real magic, it should have sports players stay, players longer, archive more outstanding result. It is not as magic, take the case doping of Maria Sharapova for example. If the “drug” she took have that kind of magic, why she only won 4 Grandslams over 10 years of her career, including the “amazing” record win 0 lost all in 13 years against Serena Williams?

    What is the solution?
    There is 2 way for this problem:
    1. Ban all kind of drug/doping in competitive sports so all players have the same playing level.
    2. Allow all players using “doping” but tell them the side effect of it.

    Many “beings” including me willing and ready to show case what human body can archive in any kind of sports but all the “doping taking sample test” must be removed first. It is not funny when you are fully healthy but “others” touch your body for “bad purpose”.

    In Nature there is also many kind of harmless “doping” but have much much longer effect, example here is Coffee. Do have any scientist have discover any kind of “doping” better than coffee? They may have some with the same feature(wake up the brain) but with much shorter time period.

    So technology is that magic and miracel when compare to Nature Earth?
    Technology is great and fun but it never can replace human and nature Earth. Human must know when to use technology when not. Technology/machine should only use to assist human like for verifying or checking in more detail. Example: to check the pH water, the goal line in football, hawk eye in tennis, to record and save millions of data on computer, etc.

    The biggest mistake when using technology is use it to replace nature Earth, here I am talking about the genetically modified organism (GMO), pesticides. They are in fact are destroying the nature because the creator of that “products” have not yet fully understand & master nature Earth, elements, etc.

    All the bugs, worms are not the plant destroyer, but in fact they are helping the soil & plant by digging in & out, up & down. Just like human body need foods, these worms/bugs also need foods & the best foods is some leaves, foods.

    Use your commong sense & ask if there is any organic natural plant dead because of bugs/worms? Or only some leafs/fruits got eaten.

    If you want to see the result of thinking technology can replace Nature, then you just look at all the facility in Antarctica. Do you see any trees their or nearby? Or only see full of machine/technology?
    Nature Earth frozen and kill the location cause the imbalance first and slowly down to the rest. That why now you are seeing more and more natural disaster, earthquake more often, while in the history even with all kind of oil, gas using at the same level if not less, there were much less natural “strike back” like at the current timeline.

    Human still have time to turn around and get back to nature before it frozen like in the Antarctica. Natural Earth will melt the ice to flood all continents, sea level will raise to the top, to the Himalaya mountain this time in order to detox then, the location with more organic plants will rise and revise first. If you think using ice melting can help Antarctica revive, then you greatly wrong !!!

    Many human have heart and want to help planet Earth, but they are either lack of knowledge, wisdom or do not know how to help.

    I do not want to intervene much, but it is time for me to use the greatest weapon of the whole Universe, the weapon only the Spirit King or Gods can able to use in a perfect way. That powerful weapon is going to reveal who is fake who is real, what nation have corrupt people in charged what not, and a lot more.

    See you in the next special edition before the lunar moon on 17/12/2017.

    The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing - The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution

    The Mysterious Nature

    I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose
    & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as
    “The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.
    I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.


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