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    King Solution 14: GCR Heatup – How to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note


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    King Solution 14: GCR Heatup – How to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note Empty King Solution 14: GCR Heatup – How to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note

    Post by TheHost on Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:04 pm

    King Solution 14: GCR Heatup – How to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note

    No matter what happen in the current politics Government around the world, there are always “free” Government. I do not know what strategy will be playout, it could be “Journey to the West” from East or all out.
    But one thing for sure, this Global Reset is not just only Money & Currency, it is about reset everything from Agriculture to building material, clothing, wearing to technology, machines. I do not see any perfection products on Earth at the moment yet, especially technology section. You just need to look at the Operating System (OS) of computer device, it still required to debug/fix. A perfect product never need to do thing like that.

    So I will release part 3 & 4 this year 2017, so all the Nation Government can have time to prepare, analyze & do research, for most people who are in charge any Nation Government are not smart enough.

    How to co-Creating land-back money is each Nation citizens job, but I still give some of my suggestions, use or not it up to them, but there are still some “must” rules every Nation have to follow. There are:
    1. Respect Nature, Land, Plants & Animals.
    2. Land-backed money note material must be made from plants (cotton, hemp, etc.) & minerals (gold, silver, broze, etc.), depends on each Nation resources. No artifical chemical is allowed.

    3. No “historic face” or any artifical building/structures (unless that building is iconic and got approved by the citizens).

    4. Must have at least 4 major color represent: Fire, Water, Earth-Land, Sky which are red, blue, green, white.

    5. The pictures on the money note must represent whole Nation, so all the Natural pictures must get approved by citizens, it is best to get each states/city 1 beautiful natural place.

    6. All land-backed money note must have same size & weight & quality no matter what their value.

    7. The quantity of each Note must be the same. Example 1 million notes of each $1, 2, 3, 4, to 1000.

    8. All the land-backed money note have to get final approved by atleast 90% citizens of that Nation.

    9. All people will get 1 to 2 set land-backed money for free after released(number of set depends on each Nation).

    Here are some other suggestion (not must follow):
    – Note value: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, (200, 250, 500, 1000)

    Because some Nation will remove their coin (cent, pence) so it is better to have full range from 1 to 9. It could be used for education (math especially kids), for fun for entertainment.

    – Note Size: the number should be related to something like Nation size, average height/weight or number cities/states.

    – Each note should only have 2 to 4 natural picture.

    – Note color: I suggest 1 color 2 notes only represent sun & moon.

    – All Nation must tell their citizens total quantity of each notes and all total values after release (first time or second time or whatever).

    My last advice is checking & analyze Zimbabwe notes in ZWR series (from P65 to P91). It was printed with very high quality, but the pictures their telling about Earth history & the future. The question is that do any of Nation Government know their true history & future? It is way too difficult, so your safe choice is pick beautiful natural places across your Nation land.

    All above just my suggestion, I do not know 100% each & every Nation culture & tradition, the final decision must be made from all the citizens of that Nation, because that is your land-backed money.

    Please remember that above info is about 1 year a head of time, the trasition-temporary money is still up to each Nation Government themself. Do not stupid enough print straight land-backed because human have not yet understand the meaning of money, everything on Earth is chaos at the moment, it is not safe to release. The bad guys who commited crimed must pay for their action first, I still have no idea what are they still fighting for. The Government structure must clean & clear before able to release the powerful land-backed money.

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