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    King Solution 16: GCR Erupt – Basic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note


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    King Solution 16: GCR Erupt – Basic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note Empty King Solution 16: GCR Erupt – Basic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note

    Post by TheHost on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:19 pm

    King Solution 16: GCR Erupt – Basic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note

    This is the final 4 our of 4 article about Creating & Using Land-Backed Money Note. The Rule & Law of using land-backed money note must be decided by the people of that land, not by anyone else outside.

    I already gave away many tips & rules in my previous articles in the King Solution epic series. This
    final one is no exception, so here are some of my suggestion about rule & law of using powerful land-backed money note:

    0. The golden rule is transparency, as detail as possible in buy/sell/trade. All rules like no GMO, pesticides, respect land, natural, animals I already provided before so I do not repeat in this article.

    1. All the mining/selling/buying company land resources like water, metals, stone, crystal must be processed by the Nation Government company, and each “share/portion” of that company is owned by each person of that land & nobody is allowed to sell or transfer that “share/portion” to any entity.
    So the profit each year of that company will be share & divide equality to all people of that land (example person > 12 years old or 18 years old or what ever age).

    2. Setup/Merge to only 1, 2 or 4 money banks depend on the size of each Nation. Just like above, each that Bank Money company who are handling the land-lacked money note should be own by 1 “central bank company” where each share also belong to each citizens of that Nation. So there is no major shareholder anymore, but there may be some good manager/advisors.

    3. Many essential company should be merge into 1 or 2 big company only like electric, telecom/communication/internet, like above each shareholder is each citizen and nobody is allowed to sell/transfer their share.

    4. In business, the world “Natural” is only allowed to use if that products/goods/foods are contain 100% natural ingredient (exist from thousands of year) including the box/cover, no any kind of artifical chemicals even 0.01%.

    5. All Foods/Products of all kind including import/exports must show % of artifical chemical on that & more detail about that. Example the GMO crop/foods are 100% artifical ingredient, no question about that. The artifical chemical never able to compete with natural one because they were not created in perfection way, they are lacking a lot like the “aura field” & others.

    6. All Goods/Products company must label “Maker or Reseller”. There are many raw maker companies are being abused & not get reward what they deserve. There are many company just label/rebrand, hiring celebrities & sell with high price without basicaly doing nothing.

    7. All Goods/Products company must show the true “Cost of the raw production”, not including hiring anything including employee/marketing/housing, etc. All real companies have that number. The only exception goods are the raw material raw organic foods & vegetables, metals, stones.

    With just above rules, there will be more job & people will spread through across all cities/states. There won be stupid high price because of “location” unless of course the buyer is really rich or stupid.

    8. Restrict/Limit of using land-backed money to buying/trading non-physical goods like video games/software/music/movies/casino, betting, gambling. It is up to each Nation Goverment for I really want to see the diversity instead of robot system. Example all the seller/developer must allow buyer to sell back the items at anytime as long as the products/items still being sell by that seller in the market (the price sell back must be at least 50% to 100%), allow all buyer trading with any other users without any restriction about price/location/nation, etc.
    If that type of rule is applied, all the casino/betting website/company will gone, for the loser gambler can ask money back at anytime legally #NiceMove.

    9. All Nation Government must have tranparency policy & structure where any citizens can see & report corrupt people. The Government must work with citizens not any other ways for citizens are their boss.

    10. The Tax & Company must be more simple & fair for everybody. The Nation Government must have company type can compete with Offshore company type, where there is no show of CEO/Shareholder on the public unless they are violating any kind of laws, for many smart/knowledge people want the privacy, that is one way to attract high level player to help the Nation.

    11. The Nation Government should only collect 2 type of tax: income tax & sale tax. No other function like pension or child credit or anything else stupid. And in that tax type, there should be in-Nation tax for people & company living in the Nation, and out-Nation for companies selling goods/products/service into the land.

    12. The sale tax rate should base on the level of “recycle-able” of the goods. Organic Natural Foods tax 0%. If Foods contain 0.01% to 1% artificial chemical then 10% sale tax, 1% to 2% then 20% sale tax & so on. The Goods/Products made by plants/tree natural like cloth, bag should start from 0- 5%, while the products made from metals like machine, electric device should tax from 10-20%, it depends on each Nation. Because the more artificial chemicals involve the harder to recycle especially the one made with metals.

    13. The income tax should be fair & easy, so there should only 1 tax bracket for both personal & company type, and the “standard mock” here should base on minimum wage. Here is an example:
    1. Minimum wage * 4 (hours) * 360 (days): 1% (if minimum wage is $10, then total income is $14400).
    2. Minimum wage * 8 (hours) * 360 (days): 2%
    3. Minimum wage * 16 (hours) * 360 (days): 5%
    4. Minimum wage * 24 (hours) * 360 (days): 10%
    so on...
    The maximum tax rate should be only 50%, unless you using “special company type” where volunteer paying more than 50%.

    14. After collecting all kind of tax, the Nation Government need to see & check if the number is enough for their total spending money (example Y number). If there is need more money, then force the high earning companies & individual to pay the fair number base on their net profit of each company. The formula should up to each Nation Government but do not allow collect money from the average person, for it will cause inflation (slow down the flow of the money river).

    15. There should be maximum 4% interest per year apply to all credit card/lenders/borrowers, etc. You can only continue use Credit Card or borrow more money if you already pay all the debt from at least 60 days. So if you have not yet pay the debt 3 months ago, no more using credit card.

    16. The Nation ID/Passport should have 2 field name: Parrents Given Name & Preferred Call Name, so everybody can choose their prefer name or nickname in anykind of langauge (should using English character). Everybody from 12-15 years old should allow to open new bank account.

    That is just some of my suggestion base on the current situation I know via “online news”, I am not incharged of any real Nation so it is very difficult to fully understand what the hex are they doing. The final decision about rule & law of the land must voted by the people of the land not me or any Gods, Angels, etc.

    To all Nation leaders: get the job done quick & I will release the secret of immortal life, how human body function/work, what happen when body get sick, heart attack, blabla everything so everybody can become the doctor of their own. I am not bluffed that I know how to live forever & able to healing any kind of sickness without any machince device !!!

    If Donald Trump agree, I can send him the receipe to lose 15-20 kg weight in 30 days.
    I highly recommend everybody eating dried organic dates, drinking green leafty green like blend organic mugwort, kale, spinach, cilandtro/corriender (if anyone drink 2-3 cup of blend green leafty, you will know & see the small magic”), bathtub or swimming 1-2 hours per day. Do not taking any kind of drugs or eating “package foods”. If you craving sweet foods, drink coconut water + dates fruit, cherry (of course using organic if possible).

    I think that is enough information for all Nation Leaders kick off the Global Currency Reset from 1.1.2018. Military checked, information for the public checked, solution to unmask the bad guys checked, there is absolutely no any other reason left.

    The Global Currency Reset must start right now !!!

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