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    King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen


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    King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen Empty King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen

    Post by TheHost on Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:11 pm

    King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen

    Many Nations are using GDP, military, illusion number to show off their power, but all of them are just rubbish & deadly wrong. If you want to know who is the most powerful Nation on the planet, who is the most “poor” Nation, you just need to check and use the following guide. You need to count the present but also the future.

    1. Name, Flag
    Name, flag are just illusion & does not mean anything at highest level of , but here on Earth it means a lot. It shows whether or not that Nation really dependent or not, do that Nation rely on others?
    Before we use real metric, all Nations below should out of the ranking list:
    *Name: The name have direction including like North, South, West, East because it tell you that Nation belong or rely on other Nation nearby.
    - North Korea & South Korea => should unify & become Korea because both speak the same language & culture
    - Vietnam => should change name to Viet Great (Dai Viet) because the current name mean there are just a bunch of idiot folks in the South of China. But if they can change the name back to Dai Viet (Viet Great), it has much more powerful meaning & really show their independent.
    - South Sudan => should merge with Sudan or change to another name completely.
    - Czech Republic => should change name to Czech only.
    - Vatican City => should disband & become a county/district of Rome, Italia. It is not even a city let alone a Nation.

    And so on, there are many Nations in this category & they know their best than me or anybody else outside, it is their land & it is their choice.

    All other Nations have name including keyword like “Republic, Democratic, Island, Saint” should merge with other or change their name. Example: British Virgin Island, Cayman Islands, etc.

    *Flag: The flag is the symbol of any Nation, it is should case their knowledge but also show their idependent as well. Many Nations have flag including other Nations Flag (mostly the UK, France flag) should remove or change to the new one.
    Example: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

    I have to idea who & how they get the job done but I already provide the best method which is declare Global Money & Land War, where it will force all Nations have a look back at their land, their flag, their name & other issues.

    2. Weather, Climate
    How much power a big size Nation like Russia, Green Land, Canada worth now? Frankly does not have much or in some case it really worthless. Why? Because if all Nations stop all kind of selling Goods espeacilly Foods then all the Nation living in cold climate is going to die forever, for most of them are now rely heavy on Foods import. You can live without oil, machine, computer, etc. But you cannot live without Foods (at least with current normal human body, for maybe somehow in the future they can digest snow & air completely ?!).

    The sad part is many Nation in Europe & North America do not understand that, and they are trying to cheating other Nation in tropical area like Asia, South America, Africa.
    Some group of stupid people even trying to control by depolution using GMO, drug, etc. Do they even know that if all their land got frozen like in Greenland, who the hex are they control? Maybe some penguin, bears.
    Example: Just look at their cold weather in the United States, Canada, Europe, is that good or agriculture & daily life?

    So the most powerful Nations on Earth are the Nation have plenty of Natural Foods & mostly in tropical climate?
    The answer is yes & no at the same time.
    - Yes if they value their land & stop all kind of GMO, pesticide, drugs made by artifical chemical. And educate their citizens about the real power of Foods, Plants & Nature, for many people in the “tropical climate” are too stupid including their Government. Despite the fact that I already provided the solution & tell the truth about Climate Change about 1 month ago but no any Nation show any sign of changing at all.

    - No if they continue trading Foods for technology, machine at “under-value price”. And do not listen to my advice.
    Example: Just look at Mexico, how many Earthquake they got everyday at present? A lot because the storm, flood could not reach their “toxic land” so the Earth strike back by the hardest method which is Earthquake.

    The same method (earthquake) many Nation in East Asia like China, Vietnam, Thailand is also going to receive in the future for their land is full of toxin as well. The Earth recently sending a big storm through Philippines but could not reach the mainland East Asia. If only the Philippines Nation listen to my advice, they would never ever receive anything like that again, but the chance they listen and apply the policy I already provided is too small.

    The real number one Nation Power on Earth is the Bhutan. For they are heading to 100% organic natural foods while many other Nation still not even ban GMO crops. If your Nation can self-supply Foods & Cloth, House by 100% organic natural material then your Nation has a very strong pile into the future & ready to become a phoenix/dragon soon on Earth.

    Remember again, technology on Earth just at “baby test” level, it not even have a perfect Operating System yet let alone other softwares run on it !!!

    And Earth Planet will never give your Nation storm, flood, earthquake if you play by her rule, even if your Nation in “the storming way” to “toxic land”, they will by pass & using Earthquake method instead to the “toxic land”.

    3. Citizens, System
    The last metric & factor is the Citizen Life & the System of that Nation. Many Nation using this or that system, I do not care for many they think “they know & are doing the best for their Nation interest”.

    But the truth that is many Nations are scare & do not allow their citizens tell their “wrong, their incorrect, mistake, etc” in the public. If your system your Government & what are you doing are perfect correct, there won’t be any complain from your citizens for they are just waste of time & energy for them. Many corrupt Nation in “tropical zone” even using method “fake corruption catch” for the public or a lot of other way, how sad & stupid is that?

    Who care about the illusion “International status” if you are the real leader. What the most important is the citizens quality life including freedoom of speech, eating organic natual foods, living in clean environment & have a fair transparency system.

    New year 2018 is coming soon, here is the gift from me: If you want to verify “frozen, cold weather is just a clearning action of Earth”, you just need to ask the people who are living in tropicial city but have 2 season Summer & Winter. Go & ask them how they feel in the Summer & Winter, which season they feel more comfortable, have more energy & what are not. I can guarantee 100% the answer from 99% is Winter season.
    Another method is just look at all the “small islands” in tropical climate zone, do they have winter season? Or only hot summer.

    Above real life evidence is more than enough to debate any stupid “scientists, professors, media, blabla” about Climate Change.

    My personal deadline for the Global Currency Reset & the Zimbabwe Money note buying still 16/01/2018 (15 days from now). Donald Trump & the Elders must act & do quick, I already provided too many value information on my book (part 1, 2, 3) & in all the King Solution series, you can just using it & said in the dream meeting Messiah, blabla. That is the fastest way to healing this planet.

    If there is no new Global Currency Reset real public action before or on 16/01/2018, I will close the website & never sharing any information anymore.

    Good Luck & Happy New Year 2018 !

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    King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen Empty Re: King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen

    Post by Rudy on Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:25 am

    Hey, no worries. Many have tried before you to call it, and then folded. You will not be the first, and likely not the last by any stretch.
    We all want great things to come into existence. Maybe, the timing is off.

    And if this 'GCR' does not happen, that means the 'ZIM bond buyers' that were to buy our 'lottery tickets' were not real anyway.
    You would be correct in saying that the internet will become flooded with ZIM note memes, and the notes can remain wallpaper. affraid

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