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    What is your living purpose?


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    What is your living purpose? Empty What is your living purpose?

    Post by TheHost on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:39 am

    What is your living purpose?
    I am talking about what would you do, what is your plan after having zillion dolar in the bank? What after you fully control a nation, I mean what is your ultimate final purpose?

    In order to fully understand the current Earth affair the best way is just read Buddha book and her message from over 2000 years ago, everything every problems, chaos, war on Earth now is just the result and all in hand a group of people.

    All of you greed, but not greed enough !
    You want to stealing tree, fruit but do not want to learn how to plant and create tree, fruits.
    You want to control planet Earth but do not want to learn how to control this whole universe.
    You want to suck spirit aura/energy from other beings but do not want to learn how to create spirit aura/energy.

    How many years have you been doing this? Remember Buddha lived for only 80 years in history but able to ride the tiger already, do you understand that you are walking/following the wrong path?

    Stop planning or preventing the appear of me as the Holy Spirit King, you just cannot stealing my ideas my solutions, if you read all the articles at , you would have known I am the Messiah in the bible.

    You need to understand that I am very smart, calm, cool, calculated & collective. All of what you did in history I do not want to talk anymore, let’s other people findout, judge and punish you, for me all the actions is meaningless and just wasting of time.

    I have all the perfect solutions for every Earth planet problem, for every nations, cities but I won’t tell, won’t reveal until the whole Earth fully free.

    Depsite the fact that I just sent my letters to all over 10,000 embassies consulates from all over 190 nations, I still have to sent this final email/letters to all of you. Now it is the race between you and normal Earth citizens, not with me since I already won the race.

    I already gave them enough information and solutions include “instant death penalty” to all corruption people who are working in all nation Government. Let’s see how it go in next 30 days.

    This is your very ver last chance, there is no more chance, you may able to buy the top people, but you cannot buy the whole Earth citizen.

    My winning condition is very simple: just 1 celebrity or 1 group speak and spread my book at

    While your winning condition is buying all Earth citizen(which is ~0%).

    You still have time to close the Monsanto and appolozie to Earth people.
    You still have time to public and admit the Spirit King Messiah has returned on Earth and share my book.

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