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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe


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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe Empty Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe

    Post by TheHost on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:19 pm

    You will never able to find this content anywhere because this is top secret, beyond the media.
    I don’t want and never do comment like some other “low quality” fake alternative media. Even if you offer me millions, billions & beyond, I would still refuse to speak & write to anybody anygroup about any matter on Earth.
    Frankly, this article is for most “unaware curious readers”, but not so secret with most “secret group” on Earth. Let’s begin:

    Donald Trump: Please American guardian & spirit, help me & America on this Asia trip, America is in great dangers.
    ...: Best of luck, nothing we can do, it is out of our territory.

    South Korea:
    Donald Trump: Hey Korean, American is broke, can you help please?
    ...: Sorry, but we also broke too.

    Donald Trump: Hey Shinzu Kobe,...?
    ...: Come on, Donald, you already know we don’t have any gold & money left already.

    Donald Trump: Hey Chinese, can you lend me & American a hand?
    ...: No problem, here is the offer (....)
    Donald Trump: There is no way I would agree on that type of deal? Damm
    ...: Ok, good luck.
    Donald Trump: Melania, you stay here, I have to go alone from now on.

    at APEC: Dear Asia people, have some mercy for America please, we just got independence and have absolutely no money left.
    ...: It is so difficult for everybody, but rule is the rule, you must ask who have gold & money.

    Hanoi, 11-11-2017
    Donald Trump: I heard your group base in Vietnam, China & nations have a lot of gold & money.
    ...: Oh, welcome Donald, we are finally meet. Sorry but all it’s just a prank
    Donald Trump: What are you talking about, I don’t understand.
    ....: We going to absorb 50-80 % of America debt and change the rule how to “insert” money into the system.
    Donald Trump: what is your offer? What I suppose to do?
    ...: The offer is pretty simple (...)
    Donald Trump: Is that all, you must kidding me, right?
    ...: Deal or no Deal? If Deal then go to tweet a funny comment about North Korea, don’t worry we are the same group.
    Donald Trump: Deal, “Tweet, fat short, blabla”
    Thank you very much Vietnam & the group, I cannot believe I can receive such a winning deal like this.

    Donald Trump: Let’s party, America is saved.

    Back to the White House:
    Donald Trump: I just received a massive deal, let’s me it epic, bring the helicopter to the white house.

    And WH media: Do a video about my historic Asia tour with “this” Vietnam picture first to show the signal & a thanks to the “group” just save America.

    Zimbabwe is all a live show & signal from a elder groups to all the public/secret Governments. The signal is clear: it is time to unify, it is time to forgive & work, live together, it is time for a new fair system, anyone go against it will get arrested or instant dead without any more warning.
    The deadline is clear which 27/11/2017 (2 3 4, 5 &6 from Trump twitter account).

    I think that is enough, this is my last article about commenting the event, from now on, I am only working on Global problem & solutions. I won’t decode and/or tell anymore the secret behind any events because it doesn’t help solve any global Earth problems at all. Because the only way to solve global Earth problem is to changing the system & people mind set.


    Just me

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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe Empty Re: Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe

    Post by Just me on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:21 am

    Hello everyone I accidentally deleted a huge article i was writing and have gone dark since then out of basic depression for being so dumb and deleting my post....i had been working on it for about 2 days, lol. But after seeing this latest post from spirit king i just had to write in. Rudy and i and im sure everyone else wondering if this guy, spirit king, is real and legit...i get duped all the time, but i feel this guy to be true and accurate. Hes said a few things that strike me as very knowing, even tho i find the english very difficult to understand at times. I really want to start spreading his word/book, but hes so out there i would be, as he has said before, taking a gamble...but why not? His moral policy solutions actually seem very reasonable and make sense. Could this guy be who he says he is?
    Hes stated that the 3 modern high rulers: trump, xi, putin are the three fabled Chinese emperors(?). An extremely bizarre claim, but knowing what i know about spirituality and reincarnation, esp at this end time, actually makes perfect sense! and who would have the balls, or even insight, to say something like that?
    He also offered healing!? Complete healing to anyone who responded to him by a certain date...i missed that date but being desperate to heal my rhuematoid arthritis affliction of over ten years, id try anything. I msged him after the date had passed and no response whatsoever...however i actually feel like i am getting better...!? Can it be true!? The last few days have felt slightly different in my malody, could I actually be healing after ten years? I will be monitoring this , obviously as i have to live with it every moment of every day, but if i heal, ill be the first to be shouting spirit kings name from the roof tops lol. Good luck spirit king, just me

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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe Empty Re: Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe

    Post by Rudy on Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:56 am

    Nice! I hope you continue to feel better/heal. I have sent messages also, but no response. Which makes me wonder what this site is truly all about.
    I have my doubts, as we have all been played many times before - lies and made-up rumor are everywhere.
    I try to stay positive and have a good outlook...
    fan of fun

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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe Empty Re: Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe

    Post by fan of fun on Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:15 am

    Where is Saint Germany?
    The money are from sainte Germany right?

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    Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe Empty Re: Truth story behind Donald Trump, Asia Trip & Zimbabwe

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