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    Global Brand New Money System Empty Global Brand New Money System

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    Copy from this book at:

    05. The New Money System

    The Meaning of Money Paper
    First you need to remember that, before the paper money note, we are using something physical like gold, silver & others. The money paper note is represent the asset and the wealth of your nation on land but it was greatly being deceived and manipulated by a “group of people or many people say as the 1%”.

    Many nation Governments do not understand that spirit meaning & the connection with the land, they are priting money note in the wrong way. They are using famous history people, building, etc.

    On any land, any nations, they all have the same 4 elements:
    1. Fire (Red color)
    2. Water (Blue color)
    3. Land/Plant (Green color)
    4. Air (White color)

    The amount of number of that perfect money note will also represent the “times” the connection between you and the land & nature at both physical & spirit level.

    Perfect money note printed by any nations will also be used for protection & others for you, your family, your local community, etc. who are living on that land.

    How The New Money System Should Work
    1. Money Paper Note Format
    - It must have at least 4 color represent 4 elements: red, blue, green, white.
    - Picture on the money note should represent nature, plant, animal since without nature & land, you would have die.
    - Amount: it is up to each nation and their people government. But in order to prevent chaos in the future when people realize the connection though the money note & nature & printing large amount of note like the one in Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.
    But it must has a same limit to every nations, my recommendation is: 500 because:
    1 digit note: 1, 2, 5
    2 digit note: 10, 20, 50
    3 digit note: 100, 20, 500

    9 is the maximum number we have in number system so 500 is a good choice. 1, 2, 5 is also easy for calculation & transactions.

    Variety of nature picture and color is all up to each nation, but in my opinion all money note should have a nation map in them represent the unify of the people and land as well. No matter what your background: rich, poor, jobs, etc. They will still proud of their nation and can receive support through each other by money paper note as well.

    Frankly spirit level is very deep and complicated, I am trying to explain it to all nations and people so please do not laugh, it is free to read, why don’t you open mind, it doesn’t cost you anything, it free but it could be your “changing life” knowledge.

    Let have some fun laugh, base on all factors. I am 100% confident to say the most valuable money paper note on Earth in front of God of all life is the Zimbabwe note.

    Yes I am talking about the money note many think are worthless several years ago. It may worthless in physical level by made-in-human system, but in front of God of all life it is the best. It respects nature, plants, animals and have a very large number. Anyone who owning that “worthless zimbabwe note” may not know that they are owning the “Earth God Note”. If you have all full 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth then even all stock market companies in this world combined, is not comparable to 1% of what you are owning and having.

    I cannot reveal much more about the future of what you could do with that note, but the final words I can say about the “worthless Zimbabwe note” is that to me, it should worth infinite and should not be sold at all cost unless have you a lot of that note in hand. You are blessed to have that infinite “Earth God Note”.

    2. Total Amount Of Money
    Spirit King: Do printing more money solve the problem throught Earth history?

    People: No, it only create inflation in economy and more chaos, fear, confused.

    Spirit King: so why don’t all nations have an agreement to printing all and for once. After that time no nation is allowed to printed any more money under any circumstance.

    People: it sould an interesting idea, but how can you have fair metric so any nation can agree?

    Spirit King: the only thing differ between each nation is the land environment and the area, anything else under the land is the same since we do not know what exactly under deep down land.

    People: what about the economy, population, natural resouces?

    Spirit King: It all can be created even the gold can be easily made by some kind of “mixture”. We need to find something unchange no matter what happen in the future. My final answer on this problem is the “total land weight” in each nation.

    People: How to calculate that land weight?

    Spirit King: Since the highest point on Earth is around 8900 meter overground then we have:
    The range must be 9000m underground and 9000m overground. So no nation can say this and that.
    I believe there must be machine and technology can count the weight in tons in that range in all nations.

    People: So now we have all each nations land weight in tons, what next?

    Spirit King: Do you have any brain? Just publish that number first so all the Earth human can know and have some kind of idea their real land valuation. All nation must agree and use the same convert rate from “total weight land” to “total money note”.

    People: What next?

    Spirit King: Go freak yourself, I already helped you the hardest part. You must do the rest.

    3. The between nation money rate
    - It is now set by the people of each nation through supply & demand law but various factors like environment (CO2), total organic plants, etc. must be provide to all Earth citizen every year. You can fake and produce all kind of machine in few days but you cannot plant a 50 years tree within any period like making commerical products.

    - The rate should be change only once every year, it is impossible to have a fair rate every day let a lone every second like all freaking stupid Forex company are providing & macheating.

    - The best date and period is after Christmast before new year, we can easily freeze the market 3-4 days and let all Earth citizens people have some rest on that “Global calculation period”.

    Valuation tick, total money tick, rate tick.

    What about tracking transaction, preventing laundering, terorrism, etc.?
    That is the job of the Moral System

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