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    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail


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    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail Empty King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail

    Post by TheHost on Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:20 am

    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail

    WW1, WW2 was just peanut when compare to upcoming All Nations Money & Land War, where all nations must have to fight until there is no loser. This Global Earth War will not allow using bullet weapon, nuclear, but fighting via money, business, land in peaceful environments.

    But in order for the money & land war can official begin, all nations must agree on the same rule. Since I am the best referee on Earth at the moment, I will give away the most fair rule base on the current Earth situation, I happy for any open discussion about the rule if any Nation have.

    The rule must have: 1 – to erase/reduce military, 2 – perfect fair money/trading system.

    1. All Earth Peace Union
    First, all nations have to allow their citizens vote to join All Earth Peace Union where:
    - All nations will not allowed to attack each others via both offline military and online network.
    - If one nation got attacked by any other group/nation, the rest will have to rescue/defend.

    The result should be everybody vote in unless you’re living in corrupt Government. It should only need a website to vote in each nation because we already know the result already.

    - But there are many small/offshore nation under control of the United Kingdom, France, even the Australia & New Zealand as well. So all that nation must have to merge or seperate 100% from the UK & France (must remove the UK & France flag).

    The All Earth Peace Union (AEPU) will be managed by all nations. There is no any offline meeting/discussion about any policy or whatever in this Union. Because the job of this Union is to make sure all nation are safe.

    With that, NATO or any other military groups can exit.

    It should take 1-2 months only for this one to completed.

    2. Fair Money & Trade System
    As I already said in my previous article, all nation have to counted the weight of their nation above and below 9000m (sea level as mock). The new money note base on that is more powerful than Gold, so here are some more rule.
    - Allow to insert/deposit all kind of metal: gold, silver, bronze, etc. (the one can melt and created), but only allow withdraw that metal. Do not allow to exchange via money.
    - Allow insert all nation money, but also only allow to withdraw that type of money. Cannot withdraw via any other currencies/metals.

    You can only sell physical gold/silver/bronze, etc. If there is a buyer only and that buyer must pay via CASH, not credit, you cannot buy something exist with something non-exist like credit card.

    All the gold/silver/bronze, etc. are overprice, it should have the same value because you can mix and create gold/silver, etc. through other metals if you know the “formation” & temperature, the weight is the same, only difference are the heat/temperature & the composition.

    All Nation Governments must educate to their citizens that info. The new money note represent their land (include all metals & others), you can eat dirt/clay but you cannot eat & absorb metals like gold, silver, etc. (at least with current human body at the present).
    All bank account must allow people to insered/deposit any kind of currencies/metals, need to release brand new code have 4 characters, because the current on have 3 characters only. The code of all metals will decided by all nation while the code of each nation currency will decide by that Nation (first 2 characters represent nation name while 2 other characters could be their local call name).

    - There must be brand new direct money transfer method between each banks back by Governments to replace the SWIFT. The new method allow bank transfer to bank within 24 hours, but only bank backed & supported by central bank & the Government.

    The security of each bank is their problem, they could use token/password/touch ID/mobile number, or in-person for big transfer or whatever methods they want. There is no need through central bank, alternative the central bank & the Government can insert their people in that bank to control the transfer between nation.

    - The Money Rate between each currencies will be permanent for 7 days, can only be changed once per week in Saturday. The best way to count is: from the previous saturday(0:00) to this friday (23:59), how the rate change is a very complicated issue, the metals always stay the same but how should we set the value of each local currency each week?

    The final answer is will be set by each local Government & their citizens, but the margin limit is 5%. If they think their land & quality products worth more, they could set higher, or set lower if they want. So all the Nation have the same right to do whatever they think the best for their Nation. That is where the Money War really worth to see & compete.

    All nation allow to create new trade union or whatever they want with any nations. This is a lawess money war game, they can stop/limit any kind of goods/products/services from any nation base on type/quality or whatever reason including religion/images, etc. All nation have the same right so there is no discrimination this or that.

    Frankly the most important thing is foods & water, if all nation can self-supplied then everything else is just bonus for entertainment. All the foods like organic fruits/vegetables are way too under-value, human are forget they need foods first, not technology or machine.

    3. Settle debt via land
    After calculated weight of land, each nation will have their official final total money. At this point I still do not know the total weight of each nation land above & below 9000 meters yet. But the starting total money of each nation Government must be at least the same as total current money own by their local citizens, if nation more weight/rich then it could be more times.

    If any Nation Government running out of their money, they are out and all their land will be handle to the richest nation instantly, so that richest nation can absorb and help the local citizens and claim that land belong that richest nation.
    The metric for richest nation is total money of their whole Nation Government + their citizens bank account (only money count). Metals is worthless and not be counted.

    Remember that the condition for any Nation out is their Nation Government Money Bank only, not citizens money. They can call for support/donation whatever they want from all the World.

    4. Global Money War Kick-off time
    After all nations agree & have their new money system transfer/finished. We will have 2 years preparation, 2 years for testing/warm up game, so that all Nation can have time to “test” their “strategy” and get used to the battle. After that the real battle begin.

    To make it more special, there will be a new Global Money War calendar base on the moon & sun. It still have 12 months per year, but the start of each month is the New Moon. It not going to replace any current or religion calendar. But it will be great to have a “holiday together” on the New Moon.

    It is very very fair system, Agree or Not Agree, feel free to open discussion. Everybody is excited including “dangerous beings”, but don’t worry all the secret about how human body function, how to healing any sickness & living forever will be slowly be shared and released after all Nation agree.

    The Mysterious Nature
    I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose
    & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as
    “The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website
    address location.
    I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

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    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail Empty Re: King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail

    Post by Rudy on Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:10 am

    This all sounds reasonable and logical, but when and how does this all come about? It almost sounds like fantasy to most people.

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    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail Empty Re: King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail

    Post by TheHost on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:34 pm

    The best scenario is Donald Trump going to make a special surprise speech "package shocking news".
    If I was him I will say these:
    "Yesterday, I had a big beautiful dream, in that dream I have met the Messiah and asked him a lot about how to fix the chaos and Earth system. And he answer:
    - Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of both Palestine & Israel. Nobody deserve to live in chaos situation like that.
    - Call for All Earth Peace Union where all nations will join together and protect each others including North Korea, Russia, China so all Earth people can live in peace.
    - If you want war, let's go Money War where all money will be backed by all Nation land, if any nation running out of money then that Nation will be merge to the richest nation on Earth. So the people of that land can live under the better leader.
    Everybody love war but must be peaceful war where no bullet, nuclear weapon is going to be used. The war with purpose of better life, better Earth for all citizens no matter what their background, color, religions.

    The Messiah also promise will have a very special gift in very very near future"

    From now, United States will printing and using brand new money backed by all United States lands to replaced to current one. I also ask all Nations follow and printing once time and for all so there won't be inflation in the future."

    The result & reaction around the World: bravo bravo bravo to what Nation is the richest on Earth? Who going out first if All Nation Money War started?
    The talk & discussion is much more fun, all the football, sports, NBA, boxing is nothing compare that scenario.

    btw: The Zimbabwe bank note will be paid via Gold, then the Gold will be bought by Nation Government to pay off their debt.

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    King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail Empty Re: King Solution 06: All Nations Money & Land War - Rule and More Detail

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